The combination of fabrication, know-how and logistics to fabrication logistics.

Company profile

FABRILOG GmbH & Co. KG is your dependable partner with integrated competence in complex sourcing 
operations as for paper products, chocolates and sweets, automotive, packaging and 
assembly automation industries.

Your advantage is our philosophy of quality:

Your single point contact supervises the processes per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and thereby
guarantees the coordinated course of your order in due time.

30 years of experience in design and production of

  • Special purpose machinery,
  • ready-to-install parts,
  • procurement of complex retrofit kits with conversion to new product generations.

is the basis for the execution of your orders on a high quality standard.

Our core competences are:

With precision and reliability focused on the needs of our customers.


conceptual and detail design, simulation, CE conform



incl. CAM and Rapid Product Development



procurement and purchasing


subcontract management


project management via single-point-contact


Project supplies based on a fixed price agreement of a precisely documented deliverables catalogue.

Engineering, fabrication, parts procurement, machine assembly including power and controls up to delivery ex works or putting into operation. Worldwide.

Fabrication of manually operated assembly aids and special purpose machinery.

Supply of ready-to-install components for industrial applications per client specification. CAD/CAM data requested for complex geometries.

Sourcing of industrial commodities, spares or kits comprising a variety of different components and services for conversion of industrial production lines.

Fabrication under license of special machinery and spares inclusive warehousing of the same in secured areas within our business to relieve your storage capacity and/or lead time constraints.

Benefit from our flexible, specialized and well established supplier network:


no capacity conflicts

minimization of risk regarding economy based fluctuations of order situation.


Please get in contact with us for further references in plant engeneering and special purpose machinery.


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